Through Body, Through Earth, Through Speech
Collaboration with Fantastic Futures and Jason Munshi-South

Fantastic Futures and evolutionary biologist Jason Munshi-South spent the summer of 2013 working in Queens, NY, thinking about the history and current social meanings of Flushing Meadows‐Corona Park, which was undergoing a contested series of developments. The group conducted a series of interviews, collective recordings and sound walks. The activities in the site provoked questions and discussions around diversity, visions of the future, and entitlement of space. The project resulted in a multi-channel sound performative installation from collective recording exercises and interviews done by the group. Members of audience were engaged in forty minutes of focused listening that recreated soundscapes in the park together with voices alluding to the way these spaces are used by humans and animals. The work was presented at Eyebeam as part of CT-Swam, Organized by Daniel Neumann. It will be presented again this May at the Queens Museum of Art.

Active members include Julio Hernandez, Huong Ngo, Phuong Nguyen, Solgil Oh, and Sable Elyse Smith.

[Photo by Huong Ngo]