The Future Is Fantastic (If You Want It)
Multi-channel sound performance
Collaboration with Fantastic Futures

For this event, which took place in the New Museum Theater, Fantastic Futures created a multi-channel sound performance of the website. To further explore shared experiences of time, memory, and trauma between countries in conflict, audience members were blindfolded for a portion of the event to enhance a synesthetic experience—listening to light. By slowing down, and possibly stopping time altogether, the performance created a space for careful listening and contemplation.

The project is supported by Rhizome at The New Museum. Members include (listed by collaborations): Gabby Guglielmelli and Sarah Albayaty. Yousif Ability, Ibrahim Hayder Al-Zararee, and Adam Fernandez. Caeser Alward, George Monteleone, and Ali Salim Abood. Rafal Al Nasiri and Dena Soukieh. Hussein Basheer Hassafa, Ali Sameer, and Phil Stearns. Duaa Al-Musawi, Forqan Kadhem, and Solgil Oh. Sarah Al-Qadir and Or Zubalsky. Phuong Nguyen and Idil Yakut. Hala Almahdi, Al-Nasir Bellah Ishrak Al-Nasiry, and Sable Elyse Smith. Oras M. Alani and Daniella Krihely. Zaydoon W. Ali, Julio Hernandez, and Ali Nabil. Ban Alwan, Cindy Liang, and Nadeen Al-Sheikh. Teeba Alqassab, Ahyoung Moon, and Lina Thamer. Omar Greene and Tiba Mohammed. Dergam Haitham, Andrew Persoff, and Bahir Salah Ali. Shahad Al-Ebady, Huong Ngo, and Ma’an Thwainy. Mohammed Nayyef and Taha Asaad Albaiaty. Yossor Jamal and Radhwan Al Heety.

[Photo by Phillip Stearns]