Suppose We Rave A Bit
Series of digital films
Collaboration with Christhian Diaz, with the participation of Alona Weiss, Kevin Connell, and other anonymous speakers.

On March 3rd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will speak before congress about nuclear negotiations between U.S. and Iran. In what is criticized as a political stunt just prior the elections in Israel, Netanyahu is likely to follow his pattern of fear mongering and diverting attention from his own failures. We recognize that both the speech itself as well as the controversy surrounding it put aside the pressing issues of the occupation in Palestine, from social inequality to racism and injustice. As a way to protest Netanyahu’s visit to Congress, we invite the public to imagine the speech that they would like the Israeli Prime Minister to give, and perform it themselves. The title of the series is taken from an introduction to a poem by Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, asking to "set our sights beyond the abominations of today to divine another possible world." We ask to turn the impossibilities embedded in this political spin into the possible.